Veterinarian Compounding

Custom-Made and Specialized Compounded Veterinary Medications – We’re Your Pet Pharmacy!

At Atlas Drug & Nutrition Center, we can tailor a medication according to his or her size and discriminating taste. We can even make traditional dosage forms into more easily administrated forms like transdermal creams or even some tasty chews.

Whatever your pet medications requirements are, bring it to us.

All medications can be compounded in the following forms per a veterinarian’s prescription:

Pick a Flavor! Pick a Color!

Animals appreciate flavors as much as humans do. We can flavor your pets’ medication in a wide variety of flavors depending on the animal and taste preferences. How about beef, chicken, liver or cheese for dogs? Maybe salmon, tuna or sardine for cats? Birds may prefer tutti frutti or banana! We also can add color to medications to make them more appealing to specific animals.

If your pet’s current medicine is hard to administer or is not agreeing with your pet, we will work with your veterinarian to:

Making Dosing Easier and More Affordable

Animals, like people, often need more than one medication. Combining two or three drugs into one dose makes administration of the medication easier and the animal (and owner) happier. Also by combining two or more drugs or ingredients made by different manufacturers into one dose, it is more cost effective for the owner. We can also make a medication last longer in the body so the medication does not have to be administered as many times in one day.

Pet’s Medicine No Longer Available?

Occasionally a medication does not sell enough for it to be profitable for a drug manufacturer to keep the drug on the market. Although the manufacturer removes this drug from the market, it is still needed by certain animal patients.

Another way a drug becomes unavailable is when the government sets a new standard of safety or efficacy, which the manufacturer either cannot meet or cannot afford to do the research to prove the worth of their product.

Sometimes a drug is made obsolete by newer and better drugs, only to find out that a few animals or species respond better to the old, discontinued drug. A good example of this is Propulsid, which is a life-saving medication for rabbits, but has been discontinued by the brand manufacturer. Atlas Drug & Nutrition Center has this discontinued drug in stock.

In these situations, compounding is the answer. Atlas Drug & Nutrition Center can obtain the necessary pharmaceutical grade chemicals, and from them, compound individualized dosage forms that may be superior to the discontinued drug formulation for the use in a specific animal.

Flavored Animal Treats

Flavored animal treats offer another excellent alternative to medicating your pet. The medication your veterinarian prescribes is placed into a small treat that can be flavored to the liking of your pet. These flavored treats will have your pet begging for another dose!

Paw Pastes

At times, it is impossible to open an animal’s mouth in order to administer a medication. In these situations, our compounding pharmacists can concentrate a medication into a flavored paste that is applied to your pet’s paw or fur. Since animals hate having anything stick to them, they will lick the paste right off, and ingest the medication.

Looking for a specific medication for your pet? Here are some of the medications we carry: