Sicomac Pharmacy

IMG_6187Sicomac Pharmacy is located in Wyckoff, NJ and has been serving customers in Northern New Jersey since 1961. We are a privately owned pharmacy and take great pride in providing our customers with individualized care. We strive to maintain a reputation for outstanding customer service and support.

As a pharmacy provider we continuously evaluate and seek innovative and new ways to ensure error-free medication management. We provide ongoing education and training to our staff so that we may continue to maintain the highest quality of care for our customers.

Celebrating 50 Years 1961-2011 Our Pharmacists are highly trained individuals with diverse educational backgrounds. Each contributes their own expertise and suggestions to the company. Assisting our Pharmacists are skilled Pharmacy Technicians. Our Technicians also offer exceptional insight from their own past experiences. The broadness of our expertise results in exceptional knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, past and present.

Sicomac Pharmacy

Sicomac Pharmacy
300 Sicomac Avenue Wyckoff, NJ 07481

Phone: 201-891-0822
Fax: 201-891-4790

Store Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9AM-7PM
Saturday: 9AM-4PM
Sunday: CLOSED

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Corporate Location
541 Cedar Hill Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Phone: 201-485-3092
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