Our 21 Day Detoxification Plan

21 Day Cleanse

This program supports metabolic detoxification, which means it supports your liver’s ability to detoxify and eliminate unwanted toxins and end products of your metabolism.  The Atlas Nutrition Metabolic Detoxification Program does this by eliminating all animal products for the first 7 days. In addition, we ask you to eliminate 5 food groups (eggs, wheat, corn, soy and diary), to which over 80% of the population have some sort of food sensitivity. This allows your body to desensitize itself from these foods, thereby lowering inflammatory and allergy markers. Simultaneously, you are provided a targeted nutrient replenishment that boosts your liver’s ability to function properly.

Body Cleansing Diet . . . and Loose Weight Too!

This is not a calorie restricted diet, but most people do end up losing weight during this process.

Detoxification is an important part of physical and mental well-being. Toxins can affect the body in the following negative ways:

The detoxification process allows for a more balanced system which allows for a reduction of symptoms and a greater sense of well being. The cleanse stimulates the:

Your Body Cleansing Detoxification Program Kit begins with:

2 container Atlas Nutrition Detox Formula(Non-Whey Protein)
1 Heel Detoxification Kit
1 bottle Atlas Omega Fish Oil

Eliminate all:

DAYS 1-7

Example Daily Menu


Upon awakening 1 serving of fruit eg. Grapefruit, orange, apple, pear

Mid morning snack

raw veggies or fruit or half SP Bar


Have your salad and have your 2nd Atlas shake 2-3 hours after lunch.


Have your roasted vegetables

Days 8-21

Congratulations, you did it! For maximum benefit, you should slowly reintroduce foods which you have not added back to your diet yet.

*****It’s important that you consult with the nutritionist prior to food re-introduction. There’s no better time than now to begin your journey toward good health!

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