Wound Care

We carry skin care products, skin protectants, and wound cleansing products like Triple Care, CarraKlenz, and AllClenz. These are used to clean the wound and prepare the skin around the wound.

We also carry specialty dressings that are chosen depending on the amount of wound drainage, such as Tegaderm Dressings, OpSite, Alldress, Comfeel, Curasol, Nugel, CarraSorb, Kalginate, and Hydrasorb.

We carry non-adhering dressings to be placed first on a wound, which allow the flow of drainage to the absorbent outer dressings. These are dressings like Adaptic, Release, and Telpha Pads. We cover these with Surgipads, abdominal pads, Kling Fluff stretch gauze, or other conforming bandages for absorption, compression and protection. Tapes of paper, silk, or other materials are often used to hold outer dressing in place.

Case Report: Wound Care for a Diabetic Ulser